Visit to the GFWC Headquarters

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The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc.

is a local service organization serving the Springfield, Virginia community since 1954.


The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc. owns and operates The Pink Elephant Thrift Shop.



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Our projects and volunteer activities change our Community for the better every day.  And we have fun doing it!



Member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs:


Virginia GFWC
Northern District GFWC VA
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March 2015 – Lunch at Gadsby’s Tavern

2015_GadsbyTavern_6457 2015_GadsbyTavern_6456 2015_GadsbyTavern_64582015_GadsbyTavern_64592015_GadsbyTavern_64542015_GadsbyTavern_64532015_GadsbyTavern_64552015_GadsbyTavern_6452

Feb 2015 – Celebrating Chinese New Year at Asian Grill

2015_ChineseNewYear_1  2015_ChineseNewYear_5 2015_ChineseNewYear_4 2015_ChineseNewYear_62015_ChineseNewYear_92015_ChineseNewYear_2  2015_ChineseNewYear_11 2015_ChineseNewYear_10 2015_ChineseNewYear_72015_ChineseNewYear_8

Feb 2015 Monthly Meeting – 2 New Members – Celebrating Our Very Own Art – Valentine’s Day

2015_Feb Meeting_1 2015_Feb Meeting_52015_Feb Meeting_32015_Feb Meeting_15 2015_Feb Meeting_13 2015_Feb Meeting_122015_Feb Meeting_112015_Feb Meeting_102015_Feb Meeting_62015_Feb Meeting_42015_Feb Meeting_22015_Feb Meeting_162015_Feb Meeting_142015_Feb Meeting_82015_Feb Meeting_7


2015_Feb Meeting_9

Jan 2015 – Monthly Membership Meeting – speaker from Heifer International and items for Layette program

2015-01_Mtg_1 2015-01_Mtg_7 2015-01_Mtg_6 2015-01_Mtg_5 2015-01_Mtg_4 2015-01_Mtg_3 2015-01_Mtg_2 2015-01_Mtg_8 2015-01_Mtg_9 2015-01_Mtg_10 2015-01_Mtg_12 2015-01_Mtg_13 2015-01_Mtg_11

Jan 2015 – Members Show Off Their Artistic Abilities!


Dec 2014 – Wreaths Across America – Arlington National Cemetery

2014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_52014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_6  2014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_4 2014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_3 2014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_2 2014_WreathsAcrossAmerica_1

Dec 2014 – Crafts Day!

2014 Dec_Crafts_3 2014 Dec_Crafts_2 2014 Dec_Crafts_1

Dec 2014 – Club Members Have Lunch at Mt Vernon Inn

2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_12014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_11 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_10 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_7 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_4 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_14 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_15 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_22014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_13 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_9    2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_3 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_5 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_6 2014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_212014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_202014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_172014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_82014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_182014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_192014 Dec_MtVernonLunch_16

Nov 2014 – Lunch at Maggiano’s

2014_Maggiano's Lunch

Nov 2014 – Damon’s & Draper’s Fashion Show featuring our own club women! “I’m too sexy for my club….”

2014_fashion_show_02014_fashion_show_22 2014_fashion_show_132014_fashion_show_21 2014_fashion_show_20 2014_fashion_show_19 2014_fashion_show_18 2014_fashion_show_172014_fashion_show_7 2014_fashion_show_16 2014_fashion_show_15 2014_fashion_show_14 2014_fashion_show_62014_fashion_show_11   2014_fashion_show_82014_fashion_show_5 2014_fashion_show_102014_fashion_show_122014_fashion_show_12014_fashion_show_9    2014_fashion_show_4 2014_fashion_show_3 2014_fashion_show_2