Visit to the GFWC Headquarters

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The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc.

is a local service organization serving the Springfield, Virginia community since 1954!


The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc. proudly owns and operates The Pink Elephant Thrift Shop.



Our projects and volunteer activities change our Community for the better every day.  And we have fun doing it!



Member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs:


Virginia GFWC
Northern District GFWC VA
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Board Meetings – Fellowship and Making Decisions to Help the Community

2016-08 Board Mtg 4 2016-08 Board Mtg 3  2016-08 Board Mtg 1

June 2016 Membership Meeting – College Scholarship Winner and other Awards!

2016_06 Meeting -32016_06 Meeting -62016_06 Meeting -72016_06 Meeting -112016_06 Meeting -102016_06 Meeting -22016_06 Meeting -12016_06 Meeting -42016_06 Meeting -52016_06 Meeting -122016_06 Meeting -92016_06 Meeting -82016_06 Meeting-132016_06 Meeting-142016_06 Meeting-152016_06 Meeting-162016_06 Meeting-17

May 2016 Membership Meeting – passing out Art Awards!

2016_05 Meeting - 72016_05 Meeting - 62016_05 Meeting - 32016_05 Meeting - 52016_05 Meeting - 42016_05 Meeting - 12016_05 Meeting - 22016_05 Meeting - 102016_05 Meeting - 92016_05 Meeting - 8


Art Friday – Creating Art with Melted Crayons!

2016-06 Art Day 3 2016-06 Art Day 2 2016-06 Art Day 1

April 23, 2016 – Craft & Vendor Spring Faire

2016_SpringFaire_182016_SpringFaire_6 2016_SpringFaire_2 2016_SpringFaire_3 2016_SpringFaire_1 2016_SpringFaire_8 2016_SpringFaire_7 2016_SpringFaire_42016_SpringFaire_16 2016_SpringFaire_17 2016_SpringFaire_14 2016_SpringFaire_15 2016_SpringFaire_11 2016_SpringFaire_9 2016_SpringFaire_10 2016_SpringFaire_13 2016_SpringFaire_12

Our Annual Spring Faire is Saturday, April 23rd!


April 2016 – Our Annual Federation Day Luncheon!

2016_April_Luncheon_1 2016_April_Luncheon_4 2016_April_Luncheon_10 2016_April_Luncheon_22016_April_Luncheon_5 2016_April_Luncheon_8 2016_April_Luncheon_9 2016_April_Luncheon_6 2016_April_Luncheon_7 2016_April_Luncheon_15 2016_April_Luncheon_11 2016_April_Luncheon_122016_April_Luncheon_31 2016_April_Luncheon_33 2016_April_Luncheon_32 2016_April_Luncheon_28 2016_April_Luncheon_27 2016_April_Luncheon_26 2016_April_Luncheon_302016_April_Luncheon_22 2016_April_Luncheon_21 2016_April_Luncheon_25 2016_April_Luncheon_24 2016_April_Luncheon_23 2016_April_Luncheon_18 2016_April_Luncheon_17 2016_April_Luncheon_162016_April_Luncheon_20 2016_April_Luncheon_19 2016_April_Luncheon_14 2016_April_Luncheon_3

Volunteering for the Annual Needlepoint Exhibition at Woodlawn

2016_March_Woodlawn_Needlepoint_2 2016_March_Woodlawn_Needlepoint_1

March 2016 Meeting features Director from Arts on the Horizon

2016-03 March Meeting_322016-03 March Meeting_172016-03 March Meeting_182016-03 March Meeting_192016-03 March Meeting_20

2016 Art Show Winners and Their Art!


2016-03 March Meeting_72016-03 March Meeting_12016-03 March Meeting_22016-03 March Meeting_32016-03 March Meeting_42016-03 March Meeting_52016-03 March Meeting_62016-03 March Meeting_8

2016-03 March Meeting_92016-03 March Meeting_102016-03 March Meeting_112016-03 March Meeting_12

2016-03 March Meeting_13

2016-03 March Meeting_142016-03 March Meeting_15

2016-03 March Meeting_162016-03 March Meeting_212016-03 March Meeting_222016-03 March Meeting_232016-03 March Meeting_242016-03 March Meeting_252016-03 March Meeting_262016-03 March Meeting_272016-03 March Meeting_282016-03 March Meeting_292016-03 March Meeting_302016-03 March Meeting_31