Visit to the GFWC Headquarters

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The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc.

is a local service organization serving the Springfield, Virginia community since 1954.


The Woman’s Club of Springfield, Inc. owns and operates The Pink Elephant Thrift Shop.



Our projects and volunteer activities change our Community for the better every day.  And we have fun doing it!



Member of:

Virginia GFWC
Northern District GFWC VA
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October 2014 – Monthly Membership Meeting features two young ladies from Girl’s State

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October 2014 – Arts Committe enjoys a Potluck Luncheon

ArtsCommitteeLuncheon_Oct 2014

October 2014 – Woman’s Club of Springfield helps sponsor Educator’s Night at Richard Byrd Library

EducatorsNight-4EducatorsNight-5  EducatorsNight-3 EducatorsNight-2 EducatorsNight-1

Sept 2014 – Cherrio! – Afternoon Tea

tea-1tea-2tea-3tea-5 tea-4

Sept 2014 – The Concord Centre is getting Renovated!

construction-4 construction-6 construction-5 construction-3 construction-2 construction-1

Sept 2014 Meeting with the Canine Partners for Life

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June 2014 Scholarship Dinner featuring scholarship winner for 2014

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Springfield Bridge Walk – Aug 26 2014


June 2014 – Trip to River Farm gardens in Alexandria

river_farm2 river_farm3river_farm12river_farm11 river_farm8river_farm10   river_farm7 river_farm6 river_farm5 river_farm4

June 2014 – Community Event – Raptors visit Crestwood Elementary

raptors_CrestwoodElementary_2014June_2 raptors_CrestwoodElementary_2014June_1